About us

We are on a mission

we believe

Future is net positive

Where businesses give back to environment, society & economy more than it takes out

Future is innovation

Innovation is the only way to future proof humanity as a species

This is personal

We are on duty to restore our ocean

We are building the world's first zero emission autonomous submarine fleet that restores our ocean while transporting cargo.

Our submarines run on hydrogen, collects microplastics and ocean health data while transporting cargo to decarbonise the transport sector.

The team

Dhruv Boruah
Founder & CEO

Passionate about ocean, Dhruv is an engineer, environmentalist and former consultant on a personal mission to restore ocean health. His work on environment has been endorsed by the UK Prime Minister and he sits on the advisor board of UK Government's plastic fund.
Gabriele Kasparaviciute
Head of Autonomous Navigation

Gabriele is passionate about submarines & underwater life since she was little and her focus now is enhancing navigation for underwater robots using artificial intelligence
Bob Martin
Head of Vessel Engineering

Bob has over 20 years experience building radio controlled submarines and he has worked on various underwater projects including with NASA and the US Navy
Vladimir Kolumbaev
Transport Designer

Vladimir is passionate about underwater transport and submarines and he envisions a world of drone submarines performing tasks while taking care of the ocean
Jami Buckley
Naval Architect

Jami has designed & architected racing yachts including for Alex Thomson Racing for Alex's round the world race.

Our journey

since the capsize in a (dirty) London canal

Aug 2017
The Story Begins

Our founder Dhruv Boruah capsizes in the canal in Paddington, London before starts his journey on bikes cleaning the rivers

The Project goes viral

The project reaches over 300m people worldwide

January 2018
Aug 2018
Paper on AUV

Led by Gabriele and Alex from MIT Media Lab, Dhruv co-authors a paper about autonomous underwater vehicles collecting plastic

Starts Incubator

to help startups help us reach our mission of removing 300m tons of carbon & plastic from economy

Jul 2019
Nov 2020
Submarine Idea

In a challenge, someone mentions submarines to cleanup ocean is not a good idea

First Submarine Designs

were created along with consultations about hydrogen/ ocean scientists

Jan 2021
Mar 2021
Submarine Build

We are now finalising the design & components to build the first prototype vessel

We are building

Autonomous Submarines

to restore the ocean

Fuel Cells to power the submarine for 500kms
With manual controls to take over in case of emergency
For navigation, research and communications
3D printed Hull
Using sustainable materials
Microfibre Filter
Filters to capture and sample microplastics & microfibres
Positive Bouyancy
To eusure minimum ballast requirements and strong recovery

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