Zero emission cargo delivery and ocean cleanup service

Oceanways builds low-cost, flexible, zero emission autonomous underwater transport solutions for energy companies

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Our mission is to restore our ocean by helping you decarbonize your supply chain

We work directly with manufacturers, retail brands, ecommerce shops, ship owners, shipping operators, freight forwarders, ferry operators to help you decarbonise your shipping and accelerate your NetZero journey


We are pioneering the new market of regenerative underwater transport systems in a healthy ocean starting with cargo submarines.

We are not competing with the container shipping industry but we shall be servicing short point to point routes with fast, zero emission delivery. These submarines are superior to a cargo ship in almost every way: not only they are weather independent, can reach hard to reach areas and a lot cheaper to build & operate, but it’s also quieter, secure, more stable, and cleaner, with zero fumes or pollutants.

Esmeralda (EZY01)


We build zero emission cargo submarines to clean up the ocean while delivering cargo. Our  submarines run on hydrogen fuel and collects microplastics & ocean intelligence with every delivery trip.

Our latest build Pearl(OW004) completed her first sea trial in Miami in Feb 2023. She ran on battery power and has collected microplastic samples with our new microplastics filtration module, collected ocean health data & vehicle behaviour information as she carried a gaseous cargo emitting zero carbon dioxide and other pollutants.


Zero emission

Green Hydrogen is the primary fuel and every technology will be marine life friendly. The more mile the submarine travels, the more cleanups & data collection it will perform.


Cleanup Microplastics

Our missions are unmanned and autonomous which will make our missions safer and cost effective in the harsh ocean environments.


Transport Cargo

Our submarines will transport 20ft containers for our customers to make the project commercially viable and help our customers decarbonise their network.


Our goal is to cleanup 300k sq. kms of ocean by 2030 and collect 300 peta bytes of data

Cleanup Microplastics

The submarines will collect microplastics & microfibres using filters inspired by fish gills placed on the sides of the hull. We have limited knowledge about the depths at which the micro plastics are most abundant and what conditions affect this concentration and in which parts of the ocean. We will be collecting this vital data.

Not harming marine life while performing our operations is top priority and we are researching on the best way to collect the microplastics.

Gather Ocean Intelligence

We know more about our space than our ocean. We are collaborating with a lot of global agencies to monitor ocean health, specifically ocean acidification. We will be sharing this data with the scientific, government and business community.

We are also testing various miniature sensors/ devices that we can use to collect this data to democratise citizen science.

Transport Cargo

All of above needs to be done at scale and to scale, we need to have a strong business model.

We will transport cargo during the trips to make this commercially viable and help the shipping companies, freight forwarders & retailers achieve their decarbonisation / net zero goals and take steps towards becoming a net positive business.


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Core Features

of the version one submarines


Zero Emission with water as the only output

Ocean Regeneration

Cleaning up microplastics & take action on Ocean acidification

Data Collection

Collect, build and share ocean intelligence for science


Automatic & safe nagivation underwater


Reliable cargo delivery


Competitive with Cargo shipping

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the submarines manned?

No, the submarines are autonomous and they are not be manned. There is no pressure management and the hull will be flooded.

What about impact on marine life?

We can not build the next generation transport system and take a step backwards by having a negative impact on marine life. This is not acceptable and our core mission is to protect marine life and restore our ocean. We know technologies like sonar are not best for marine life and we are actively looking for solutions. Also, we are using biomimicry to learn from mother nature, concepts like schools of fish etc. to be more efficient. If you have any solutions, please do get in touch.

Why the underwater and not surface vessels?

Plastic waste do not stay on the surface for long. Instead they get broken down by the elements to tiny microplastics that sink below or come back to us via the food chain. Our entire ocean is a giant soup of microplastics unfortunately. Surface vessels can not do this and we will as a part of our initial data gathering missions find the optimum depth for the cleanup. Also, since we are "Autonomous First", we can do long missions without high costs.

What data are you collecting?

Currently, we will be collecting basic data like pressure, depth, temperature, images, videos, audio, pH levels etc.  We are at early stage we are looking for scientific partners that are interested to partner with us. We will make the data sets open source.

What do you do with the collected microplastics?

The microplastics will be collected in reusable canisters and shall be processed in our HQ.


What people say

about our founder Dhruv Boruah and his personal mission

"Your engaging and imaginative river cycle rides have inspired people worldwide to consider the damaging impact litter and plastics are having on our waterways. Through ‘The Thames Project’, you are encouraging people to reduce their plastic footprint and take action in their local communities to keep rivers clean.

I wish you the very best with your continued work."

Theresa May MP | UK Prime Minister

“It’s great to see students and industry leaders are being inspired to join the fight against plastic waste during the Government’s Year of Green Action. Eliminating avoidable plastic waste is a part of our landmark 25 Year Environment Plan, but we cannot do it alone.

This is a fine example of collaboration to help leave our environment in a better state than we inherited it for future generations.

Michael Gove MP | Secretary of State for Environment - UK Government
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