Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers for your curious mind

Net Positive
What is Net Positive?

Net Positive is a way of performing business where the business puts back more into society, the environment and the global economy than it takes out.

How is Oceanways Net Positive?

Oceanways running on hydrogen has zero emission and exhausts only water back to the ocean, cleans up the ocean of microplastics and collects data for the scientific community to better understand our ocean health and take action to protect it for society. Besides, the submarines are not designed for obsolesce.

Which UN SDGs do you impact?

Our mission and KPI(s) are focused on the United Nations SDG09 - Industry Innovation & Infrastructure, SDG13 - Climate Action and SDG14 - Life Below Water

Are your submarines manned?

No, the submarines are autonomous and they are not be manned. There is no pressure management and the hull will be flooded.

Why underwater and not surface vessels?

Plastic waste do not stay on the surface for long. Instead they get broken down to microplastics that sink below. Our entire ocean is a giant soup of microplastics unfortunately. Surface vessels can not do this and we will as a part of our initial data gathering missions find the optimum depth for the cleanup. Also, since we are "Autonomous First", we can do long missions without high costs

What data are you collecting?

Currently, we will be collecting basic data like pressure, depth, temperature, images, videos, audio, pH levels etc.  We are at early stage we are looking for scientific partners that are interested to partner with us. We will make the data sets open source.

What do you do with the collected microplastics?

The microplastics will be collected in reusable canisters and shall be processed in our HQ.

What is the maximum dive depth?

Our key design criteria are not "Stealth" and "Depth". We want to be most visible and dive to the minimum depth required to avoid the deepest ships in the ocean and optimise ocean restoration.

What is the maximum speed?

Military submarines are known to average 20knots/23mph underwater. The maximum speed has been 40 knots/ 46kmph but mostly the real capabalities are classified. Besides there is research on Supersonic speeds too based on super cavitation. Currently we are building our first MVP for "Mission One" and the objectives are to prove our capabilities and not speed.

What about impact on marine life?

We can not build the next generation transport system and take a step backwards by having a negative impact on marine life. This is not acceptable and our core mission is to protect marine life and restore our ocean. We know technologies like sonar are not best for marine life and we are actively looking for solutions. Also, we are using biomimicry to learn from mother nature, concepts like schools of fish etc. to be more efficient. If you have any solutions, please do get in touch.

How can I help

Do you have a crazy idea to restore our ocean? Do you want to take action, build solutions for the Ocean? or be a part of the journey to restore our ocean. Are you passionate about our environment and want to be a part of the journey to solve these big challenges. Are you excited about space & marine technology? The journey is tough but exciting! If your answers are YES, then please get in touch and let us work together.

Scientists/ Academia

Do you think we are doing all this wrong? Do have a burning issue that is obvious to you but not to everyone? Do you think we can help collect data for your research? Do you think you have a solutions we can use to restore our ocean? Are your PhD graduates working on ocean restoration? Do you want to inspire more young people to join the maritime sector? How can we help you? If yes, please get in touch and let us work together.

Investors/ Operators

This is a hard project. This is a Moonshot and we need all the advice and operational support to make this work. Do you have experience in this sector our just super enthusiastic to get involved and help out anyway. Do you want to be surrounded by smart people and to be a part of the journey to save our ocean, leave a legacy? (and of course make money at the same time). We are making ocean restorations commercially viable. If yes, please get in touch and let us work together.

Startups/ SMEs/ Corporations

We need you. Do you have a solutions that we can use? A sensor, an AI algorithm, a fuel cell, an electric motor, marine engineering services, boat building expertise, ship design, sustainable materials maker ... Can we collect data for you? How can we help you? If you are keen to collaborate, please get in touch and let us work together.

On personal capacity

It is all hands on deck. We need your skills be it finance, brand building, story telling, business modelling, community management, marketing, learning management, project management, software dev, AI experts, Ocean science experts, supply chain experts, logistics guru, sustainability guru, marine engineer, illustrator, photographer, activists ... We need your enthusiasm and if you are keen to get involved, please get in touch and let us work together.