Jul 2022

We had to postpone our mission by a few months. We will prove three things

01 Capabality

Prove we can build & operate autonomous submarines at Sea

02 Zero emission

Prove green hydrogen can be a fuel to power submarines

03 Ocean restoration

Prove we can collect microplastics & vital ocean data

Esmeralda | EZY01

The first mission for Esmeralda is a 60km dive from Miami to Bahamas

Zero emission | Autonomous | 5kg Cargo


for MissionOne

1000 kilometers
Operate long distance without issues
20 knots
Maintain average speed with ocean conditions
100 meters
Maintain depth under a dynamic sea state


Main Features

for misson one

Fuel Cells to power the submarine for 500kms
With manual controls to take over in case of emergency
For navigation, research and communications
Circular Economy
Using sustainable materials
Microplastics Filter
Filters to capture and sample microplastics & microfibres
Positive Bouyancy
To eusure minimum ballast requirements and strong recovery
Do you want to contribute to EZY01?

Get involved

This project needs an entire village. We are looking for everyone and anyone to get involved, be it dreamers, scientists, marine enthusiasts, activists, change makers, artists, dancers, industry experts, scientists, sponsors, investors, students ...