It worked!

Hardware is hard, ocean is harder. We learnt loads and we did not loose her after completing our first ever sea trial in Miami in the Atlantic Ocean ;)

✅ Engineering

Endurance in Salt Water

✅ Cargo Transport

Transport gaseous cargo

✅ Ocean restoration

Filters & sensor datta

Pearl | OW004

The first mission for Perl was a day long trial in the Atlantic Ocean off Miami

21 Feb 2023
Dimensions: 61"x21"x32". | Weight: ~50kg | Max Speed: < 4 knts
Route: Loop around Key Biscayne heading to Miami city hugging the coast
Support: The U.S. Coast Guard, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

We built & drove her down to Miami!


Completed Goals

✅ Ocean Restoration
Tests of microplastics filtration, ocean health data sensors modules
✅ Vehicle Engineering
Tests of vehicle behaviour, trim, control, endurance, electronics & electrical impacts,  redundancy, data collections in real world sea conditions
✅ Cargo Transport
Transport of inert gas as cargo
✅ Operations
Launch & recovery, ground transportation, tools

Would you help?

We are rethinking transport which means we are rethinking everything, including engineering. "Why do we need sonars?" "How can we use biomimicry?", "How can we use physics and not electronics", "How can we use components from other industries?" ,"Oh, we have this problem we think you can solve?

We need your help to challenge the status-quo, take the next steps in the most net-positive way and need your ideas, help :)