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We clean microplastics while delivering your cargo with zero emissions

Net Positive | Ocean cleanup | Zero emission cargo delivery

Esmeralda (EZY01)

our working prototype on display

Fuel Cells with hybrid battery power
Microplastics Filters
Three phase filtration system to collect microplastics & microfibres
Cargo Delivery
5kg Cargo over 55 nautical miles
Circular Economy
Salvaged materials and recycled plastic filaments
Level 01 autonomy with manual controls to take over in case of emergency
Modular Design
Capable of performing multiple missions
Next Build

EZY02 to carry 1x 20ft Container


1000 kilometers
Operate long distance without issues
20 knots
Maintain average speed with ocean conditions
500 meters
Maintain depth under a dynamic sea state

Shipping emissions will represent 17% of global CO2 by 2050

Shipping is a large elephant in the climate change room.  If left unchecked, the industry could generate 17% of global CO2 emissions by 2050.  And it's not just CO2 - ships emit other pollutants like black carbon, NO2 and CH4 etc.(learn more)

Radical Thinking

Let us eliminate not just CO2 but all of the above emissions.  Oceanways is the world's first zero-emission submarine fleet that cleans up our ocean while transporting cargo. Our submarines are unmanned & autonomous designed for a circular economy.


These submarines are superior to a cargo ship in almost every way: they are weather-independent, they can get to hard-to- reach areas, they are cheaper to build and operate; and they are quieter and more stable.   Crucially, they are cleaner, with zero fumes or pollutants.

Net Positive

With every mile we sail to deliver cargo, we give back to the ocean and not extract from her. Besides emitting no C02 and other exhausting hazardous materials, our submarines use their inbuilt filters to clean microplastics and sensor modules to collect ocean data for science.

Decarbonising Shipping

Our zero emission submarine fleet could secure significant emission savings of 27 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the first year of operation, with an overall mission to reduce 300 million tonnes of CO2 emissions as the fleet grows.

Green routes

We are not competing with the container shipping industry but we shall be servicing short point-to-point routes with fast, zero- emission delivery.

Esmeralda in 3D

She is modular and capable of performing multiple mission profiles while being net-positive.

Autonomous | Unmanned | Modular | Intermodal
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