Resupply Vessel

Enabling supply chain security by providing rapid, low-cost and on-demand delivery of critical supplies for remote communities/use-cases

Rapid & Reliable

Weather Independent & in Weeks

Flexible & Adaptable

Multiple locations, different needs

Low cost

1/30th the cost of a ship

Increased supply chain resilience

We can transport vital supplies from producers directly to users in remote locations

Powered by our low-cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(AUVs)


Faster time to market & low upfront costs to get projects started quickly

Quick time to market
Deployable in weeks rather than months
Safe & Reliable
Weather independent, unmanned with no ambient air underwater reducing explosion risk
Climate Positive
No seabed interference and zero-emission operations
~1/30th CAPEX spend than ships
Scale & Low Capital Risk
Scales with demand in phases
Flexible Operations
Reduced stranded asset risk with on-demand deliveries

Currently focused on island communities in the UK and looking for new pilot use-cases around the world

UK | Global
Ships are infrequent and often cancelled due to weather!!

Do you want to increase your supply chain resilience?

Let us help you deliver your supplies all year around/ on-demand and at low cost.