Unlocking Hydrogen Offtake

Enabling hydrogen producers build their hydrogen transport infrastructure in months with lowest costs, increased flexibility & high reliability

Rapid deployment

Months vs 5yr+ for pipelines

~13,500kg H2/Trip

On-demand scaleup

Low cost

1/80th the cost of pipeline

End-to-end solution

We transport low-carbon hydrogen from producers to industrial users via our intermodal Underwater Virtual Pipelines

Powered by our low-cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(AUVs)


Due to unreliable hydrogen offtaker demand, producers are not investing in high capex projects to produce and transport hydrogen. The industry needs a low-cost transport solution that can scale up with demand to unlock this vicious demand vs supply cycle!

Quick time to market
~31x faster deployment than pipelines
Safe & Reliable
Weather independent, unmanned with no ambient air underwater reducing explosion risk
Climate Positive
No seabed interference and zero-emission operations
~1/80th CAPEX spend than pipelines
Scale & Low Capital Risk
Scales with demand in phases
Flexible Operations
Reduced stranded asset risk with on-demand deliveries

We build large low-cost autonomous submarines with 13,500kg Hydrogen/Trip capacity that can scale with customer demand

CCS | Zero-Emission

Currently focusing in the North Sea, Gulf Coast & California sites

Do you want to accelerate your decarbonization goals?

We also transport other low-carbon gas/liquids & critical commodities

e.g. Methanol, Ammonia, SAF, CO2